October 6 I am honored and excited that I get to be a part of flames of hope water fire in Providence ,RI. I love Providence the city is beautiful with a ton of charm,and the water fires are amazing. THe providence river has a ton of fire pits and gondola rides,Italian opera so loud you think you are in italy. THis night is extra special for many reasons. Bringing so many people together to beat this damn disease and all of he story’s of hope and drive in the women that have had to deal with these issues is inspiring to say the least. I am honored to be doing two demonstrations.  And to be a part of this event to bring awareness to this organization. It’s the best thing food network star could have done for me ,is to alow me to help people and be active in these events . SO thank you to food network and thank you to the fans who want to hear what I have to say . Hope to see you there..