Thursday for my demonstration I am going to something a little different . Yes I love seafood but lets remember I am a Greek Sicilian girl who love to cook everything.  I am in new england  and people up there know there seafood ! I am going to make something different. I love stuffing things in the fall season so I have decided to stuff some peppers and show people how easy and versatile stuffing vegetables can be.  Since pomegranates are in season.  I am also gonna make a bright arugula salad with a pomegranate vinaigrette  . I love stuffed peppers and a nice salad with some warm country bread with a nice honey butter. Lucky me I get to use all the wonderful gadgets and tools that William Sonoma has to offer . If you are around the Portland area join me and William Sonoma for a fun and exciting demo thursday from 2-4 at the Maine mall.