Lately I have had trouble sleeping at night or any time for that matter.. I feel like a writer and I say this because as a chef there are days I can’t think of anything different to cook . I always make foods that I love to cook or that comfort me somehow which is not always good .  We need to step out of our wheelhouse and go crazy with the abundance of food and seasons that we have. This is why I feel like a writer the other night I was trying to sleep and my mind was flooded with new menu Items for the Pearl or how I want to change the menu and it would not stop racing I could not control it. I then realized that this must happen to creative minds I also realized to keep pen and paper next to my bed because I could not remember anything except ox tail and halibut with lamb jus. There really is no point to this story except I am citing in an airport waiting for my flight and thought I would share my random thought. Wish me luck on my way to demo #1