Saturday morning I was invited by my good friend and cast mate Marty Duncan to walk in a diabetes walk . We started at Foley square in New York City and walked over the Brooklyn bridge for type 1 Diabetes. Joined by my other cast mate and friend Nikki Martin what an amazing day  I have never had the opportunity to do things for people and make a difference and now thanks to found network star I do. the thing about type 1 diabetes is I knew nothing and still don’t know too much but I was surrounded by kids who have it. I learned some pretty awful things and that it is not a great way to live . Again I met some amazing people and the turn out was great hopefully we raised some money to help . Unfortunately it takes money to help the lives of these people it is so sad but I am know forever going to be aware of this disease and many others and I hope I can contribute in any way possible I am going to walk this walk every year I can for the amazing family that I met and for  the little girl who I was walking with ..