Last week was my demo at the Maine mall for Williams Sonoma  and it was awesome. My  day began with a great dinner with a very good friend who lives in Portland Maine . Portland now is killing it in the food scene so as expected dinner and my company was perfect. I woke up pretty early in a great hotel room and got ready to do the maine morning show with the nicest news anchors not to mention it was pretty cool to do a live news spot. then whisked away to do a press conference for Harvest on the harbor . then off to the demo where i had a good turn out and the people from the program strive where there . Which teaches disabled students hoe to do things for themselves as they get older.. the demo was amazing and the crowd so inviting but the best part of the weekend was the people who I had the chance to meet and work with . I am so excited to host a student culinary competition and help pump up those students and bring out their potential..If you get a chance go to Portland Maine what a charming and beautiful place to be and the food well amazing..