The fall makes me want to cook more than any other season. I don’t really like to bake but something about the crisp air  and smell of the leaves on the ground makes me want to bake a lot of apple pies ,actually anything apple or pumpkin . I have told most f you I was born on thanksgiving day so of course that is  a favorite holiday.  I love turkey dinner with all the fixings and I love to cook it so much that I actually do it 2 to 3 times a year, my friends sure love that..  Lets talk soup!  yes it is time for a great bowl of New England clam chowder,Lobster bisque, Butternut Squash I can go on and on for days about soup so good soul soothing food. slow cooked foods,Short Ribs,Roast Chickens,Roast Beef,roast pork and my favorite Leg of lamb am I getting you guys hungry?  Some of my other favorite foods are artichokes ,pomegranates and squash so get creative spend time with the ones you love make your house smell good  that s what this season is about slowing down awakening your senses and cook something ….