Bangor Maine home of Stephen king and Husson University  and my Tailgate party this weekend . First I will start by saying thank you to the most gracious people . From the moment I arrived they made me feel amazing !! I checked in and off to the chopped tailgate I went.  I chose the ingredients all Maine ingredients of course ,Lobster,blueberry soda ,Maine potatoes and Maine mushrooms (Foraging is amazing in maine). The end product had to be a grilled sandwich. At the ten minute mark they asked me to jump in of course I was on that so quick  haha.. I made a lobster hash with a blueberry reduction just for fun. Just being at Husson university was amazing there was team spirit in everything they do . I would be honored  to return next year to their Tailgate party  for a bigger and better chopped event thank you so much Husson University..