The Fiddelhead Restaurant in Bangor Maine for anyone who has not been there is a must. The moment I walked in the host/owner was amazing she made me feel so welcome and excited to have me there. I walked into the kitchen to introduce myself to the chef who was lovely. I took one look in her very small kitchen which  always impresses me that we as chefs especially in NY can pump out so much amazing food. I started with a glass of Lambrusco .  Everything was amazing from the homemade cornbread that I could not stop eating . First I had fried cheese curds with a Red Pepper jam they were creamy, crunchy and sweet outstanding . Then I was in a Beef mood so I opted for the 12 oz Ribeye Steak with Swiss Chard perfectly cooked medium rare from a local farm and the perfect amount of fat and marbling. Then finished with a Coconut Custard pie my meal was perfect so please don’t take your time run to The Fiddelhead Restaurant now…love Maine..