Last week I went to Smithfield Virgina . I got off the plane drove about an hour to the town of Smithfield . When I got out of the car the whole town smelled like smoked ham pleasantly so. I then went on a charming tour of a very beautiful and historic place and had amazing company while doing this tour. First let me say the people of Smithfield and the company Smithfield were all so gracious and kind. The hunter pr firm were amazing and Simon Majumdar we all know him as the angry Iron chef judge and the wonderful Hungry housewife Leslie green. After the tour of course we all had an appetite so we went to a quaint little joint named “the taste of Smithfield” and boy did I eat some pork sandwiches on biscuits and sweet potato biscuits and pork crackling . Then off to change and go to the Aberdeen farm on the James river to enjoy a pig picking and some sumptuous wines from Virginia.. We pull up to the most beautiful hunting lodge with stunning vies of the river.  There is an assortment of meats and cheeses and a smoky meaty smell coming from a big smoker . I go over and there is a huge hog that Maynard (the groundskeeper and chef) was cooking omg!!! this was a thing of beauty well and  taste .  Before we ate we went on a four wheeling trip on the property that was unbelievable . The sun was going down we drove through soybean fields into the forest over wooden bridges to the rivers edge .  White tail deer were running through the grass and oyster beds were popping out of the water .. On the way back to camp Maynard let me drive the four wheeler I had so much fun..  Did I mention that we stayed at the Smithfield inn and I stayed in George Washington’s room . The next day we went on a tour of the Smithfield plant s,smokehouse and innovation center . The meat is being prepared and smoked the same way for years and the animals are treated good and fed well  they have changed my mind about the things I have heard. The next day they took us for a great boat ride to a great seafood restaurant and then off I went . So thank you Smithfield what an amazing trip.