Last week I was asked to judge the 5th annual hood dairy cook-off in Providence Rhode island  well you all know me I for sure am not gonna say no  to anything in Rhode Island . They put me up at the Westin hotel they have the best bed ever haha!!!  Then this contest was super fun they narrowed it down to five contestants all have  to cook something using hood whether it be sour cream,heavy cream,whipped cream and so on. Thousands off people applied and I was lucky I judged just the final round and my god what these home cooks came up with I was so impressed. Things like stuffed Squash blossoms to the winner which was a cranberry lemon cello tart with maple cream and a shot of lemoncello with cranberry ice cubes .. The winner Mary jō this was here 4th year so I am glad I was apart of that event 10,000 dollar’s were up for grab haha I was so nervous for them .. I also once again met some amazing people made some great connections and now I am in Portland  doing another event this time for culinary students.  Have a great day all keep you posted on this event.