What can I say I absolutely love Portland ,Maine. The food, the people and visually the city is gorgeous. Portland is a great food city all you have to do is walk down the street and you will gain weight haha. Every restaurant or bakery seems to be delicious and I havent really even touched the surface of this place not to mention all the local brewers you  wont be drinking Budweiser in this place!! I went there to emcee a student culinary competition which gave away 6000 dollars in scholarship money .. All of it and the food was donated by true north salmon company and Andrew Lively  thank you Andrew! There were three teams from smcc and boy! they are just breeding the young generation of chefs over there. The food and creativity were great but the best Part was working with the kids .. My job I think was to make the feel comfortable on stage while 200 people were staring at them . They laughed ,cooked and told jokes and won some money so all in all it was a great day for the students and myself . Portland has that old New England charm cobblestone streets ,salty air fog that rolls in and out on a daily basis and the smell of great things baking, awesome coffee roasters and some of the best seafood this country has to offer well actually in my opinion it is definitely the best seafood the country has.. but I am a fan of everything new england.  Next year I hope to go back and do another event for this great food festival which showcases everything that is local ,fresh and amazing.. I urge everyone if you have a chance go to Portland ,Maine.