I went to Gulf shores Alabama for the first time . My good friend Martie Duncan Aka (southern Peach) wanted me to explore and learn about gulf seafood  since I insist the east coast has the best seafood in the world .. I was lucky enough to have Alabama tourism be so kind to take me out to their waters and go on a shrimping boat that was so cool I saw dolphin swimming behind the boat and watched them drag up shrimp and all other kinds of seafood and the best part everything was thrown back in to live. The shrimp were gorgeous made me hungry right then and their haha. Then we continued to see the raking of oysters and yes opened one on the spot and chugged it down. It is true what they say about southern hospitality everyone I met was so nice and proud of where they come from  which you all know me I am a super proud  New Englander.. The following days I was able t stay in a beautiful condo on the beach and wait for my fellow cast maits to try to win an oyster cook of for charity.. I was joined by Nikki,Linkie and Emily where we got to get down and dirty in the kitchen there were three categories Raw,Rockefeller and Cajun so we made  A braised swiss chard in local beer then added the cream,bacon and cheese they were delicious. The next categorie was Cajun where we did an Andouille sausage butter with Cajun spices and andouille bacon crumbles and the final was  the raw we did a Honeycrisp apple,pink peppercorn and sage mignonette. all super good however we did not win mind you we should have hahah . There were over 40 teams most representing Alabama in the end of this experience I learned that hopefully we are all proud of where we come from and that this country is so beautiful everywhere you go and the people are amazing so thank you Martie Duncan and thank you Alabama for showing me a wonderful time I am truly blessed . I still think that the east coast has the best seafood haha.. But that will never change.