Some of you know I have moved from New York City to my favorite place Bristol Rhode Island . There is something about this place as I have told you before that just makes me feel at home . I was born in Connecticut and then tried out a few places to live . I am a Sagittarius and I guess we are known for traveling a lot being restless which in some cases is true but you always have a place that just makes you feel  at home and Bristol is the place for me. I went to live in Brooklyn for a JOurney of getting on the food network and I was not going to stop till I did 6 years later and three shows down I thought do I really need to live in ny anymore ? For anyone out there with a dream go for it ,work hard it will happen . Am I done with working hard hell no I will have a show on that network and I will not stop UNtil I get one.  Living in Rhode Island is Just close enough to NY and closer to my Job in Maine in which case I hope everyone comes to the Pearl this summer to eat some true New England food . There is no point to this story except to let you guys (my friends) know where I am and my crazy thoughts and to just go for it if there is something out there you want to do in your life..