Ok so lately since I have moved I can’t stop looking for mushrooms they are everywhere . The funny thing is growing up in new england I just never really thought to look for things like mushrooms until I went to maine and had some of the greatest chanterelle,Black trumpets and my now new favorite Lobster mushroom . Thanks to David Spahr who has taught me to open my eyes around me and look at what is growing .  Since I moved to Rhode island  I send him pictures everyday I have become a pain in the ass wondering what are the types of mushrooms I keep finding haha. After all I am a chef so I would like to know what I am cooking so I don’t poison the people I cook for . I live in a woodsy neighborhood so the neighbors are probably wondering who is this crazy girl  that keeps inspecting our trees and grounds. Open your eyes everyone they are out there and delicious . This summer David is going to take me foraging for seaside vegetables another thing I never thought to look for . I just love the idea of what nature has growing around us that we didn’t plant !!!pretty cool.