This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to visit Sam Adams Boston Brewery.  As a New Englander, and my love for all things New England, I couldn’t have been more excited to visit.  My experience was so awesome it even exceeded my expectations!  Me and my best friend Richie (aka Lolly) got a private tour of the facility from a cool guy named Mike who explained everything that goes into making their delicious beers, and let me tell you there is a lot involved in making beer! I had no idea! Next, I met with Dean Gianocostas a brewmaster who has been there for over 26 years! He explained even more about the process and shared some amazing stories about being with the company almost as long as they’ve been around. Finally, I sat down with Jennifer Glanville, also a head brewmaster, and we sampled many varieties of their delicious brew. Including the Sam Adams Specialty Craft beers Utopias, which are 29% alcohol and cost $200 a bottle! Jennifer was so much fun and gave me such a wonderful insight as to why Sam Adams continues to dominate the competition, because the owner/creator Jim Koch refuses to settle when it comes to his product. Whether its ingredients, or the barrels, the research, the testing, etc. Jim insists on always using the best of the best, and refuses to cut costs or corners and jeopardize his product. This is why Sam Adams has continued to win awards in brew competitions consistently. Stay tuned for a collaboration between my New England cooking and Sam Adams New England beer….