Holland cruise line invited me on a cruise to do a few cooking demos and a cooking class.. My first demo was for about a 100 people and we started with Greek specialties like Spanikopita rolls and Lamb meatballs. The second demo was Arancini and a steamed Mussel dish. Then on to a 90 minute cooking class where we did a 3 course meal which was super fun to have so many people really interested and interacting. It was a lot of fun to have people get involved in rolling meatballs and chopping herbs for me…Now onto the cruise itself ,I guess some people either love it or hate it, I am not really sure how I feel about it . I am not one who really likes to be on things that are constantly moving so needless to say there were a few times I said (Get me off this boat). The good side is I got to go see some pretty cool places ,try different foods and meet some really great people. First stop Turks and Cacos then on to San Juan, Puerto Rico ,St Marten,Half moon Cay,Bahamas which holland America owns .. My favorite stop  San Juan I can’t say enough of what a charming ,beautiful city it is..  Kind of reminded me of the west village meets .  I searched high and low  and asked all the locals to send me to a local place (not a touristy spot)  to eat a Puerto Rican specialty Mofungo  which I really did not love ! What I  also didn’t like is you are always in a rush to get back on the boat to go to the next place so there is not enough time in each port to really enjoy. I would suggest that everyone go on one cruise at least once .