• Posted on October 07, 2012

The event

Let me start by saying Inspired should be the appropriate word for the Gloria Gemma event . My day started with a train ride to one of the prettiest and smallest cities Providence ,RI. The city is so clean the people are so nice and the food is great.. The area where Brown university is so charming I could definitely live in this little city that’s for sure. I check into the Renaissance hotel which happens to be my favorite hotel in that city  Right across the street is the state building another gorgeous building where this event is taking place there is live music and a ton of tents set up for all kind s of retailers and awareness booths and a stage for me to cook on  thanks to RI kitchen and bath. I had two demos to do the first demo I thought appropriate to cook sexy Mussels  I am in r i after all and well these breast cancer survivors are sexy as hell. the second demo I made seared scallops with butternut squash purée and balsamic reduction  the best thing again about this demo was the people I had a chance to meet.The stories I heard the strength and courage  I saw in these people was so inspiring and contagious ..after the demos there was a Water fire !! An event that this charming city does regularly  they have these fire pits that run through the river and gondolas  going down the river ! Italian opera is just blasting through the city the event is so romantic but on this night the city turned pink and torches along with the fires in the water were lit and the state building also turned pin with words like hope,courage,strength were illuminated on the building. Every event that I am lucky enough to do I learn more and more about the human spirit and just how beautiful it is ..GO visit Providence!!!!

  • Posted on October 05, 2012

Fall Food

The fall makes me want to cook more than any other season. I don’t really like to bake but something about the crisp air  and smell of the leaves on the ground makes me want to bake a lot of apple pies ,actually anything apple or pumpkin . I have told most f you I was born on thanksgiving day so of course that is  a favorite holiday.  I love turkey dinner with all the fixings and I love to cook it so much that I actually do it 2 to 3 times a year, my friends sure love that..  Lets talk soup!  yes it is time for a great bowl of New England clam chowder,Lobster bisque, Butternut Squash I can go on and on for days about soup so good soul soothing food. slow cooked foods,Short Ribs,Roast Chickens,Roast Beef,roast pork and my favorite Leg of lamb am I getting you guys hungry?  Some of my other favorite foods are artichokes ,pomegranates and squash so get creative spend time with the ones you love make your house smell good  that s what this season is about slowing down awakening your senses and cook something ….

  • Posted on October 01, 2012

Diabetes walk

Saturday morning I was invited by my good friend and cast mate Marty Duncan to walk in a diabetes walk . We started at Foley square in New York City and walked over the Brooklyn bridge for type 1 Diabetes. Joined by my other cast mate and friend Nikki Martin what an amazing day  I have never had the opportunity to do things for people and make a difference and now thanks to found network star I do. the thing about type 1 diabetes is I knew nothing and still don’t know too much but I was surrounded by kids who have it. I learned some pretty awful things and that it is not a great way to live . Again I met some amazing people and the turn out was great hopefully we raised some money to help . Unfortunately it takes money to help the lives of these people it is so sad but I am know forever going to be aware of this disease and many others and I hope I can contribute in any way possible I am going to walk this walk every year I can for the amazing family that I met and for  the little girl who I was walking with ..

  • Posted on October 01, 2012

Feeling good

Last week was my demo at the Maine mall for Williams Sonoma  and it was awesome. My  day began with a great dinner with a very good friend who lives in Portland Maine . Portland now is killing it in the food scene so as expected dinner and my company was perfect. I woke up pretty early in a great hotel room and got ready to do the maine morning show with the nicest news anchors not to mention it was pretty cool to do a live news spot. then whisked away to do a press conference for Harvest on the harbor . then off to the demo where i had a good turn out and the people from the program strive where there . Which teaches disabled students hoe to do things for themselves as they get older.. the demo was amazing and the crowd so inviting but the best part of the weekend was the people who I had the chance to meet and work with . I am so excited to host a student culinary competition and help pump up those students and bring out their potential..If you get a chance go to Portland Maine what a charming and beautiful place to be and the food well amazing..

  • Posted on September 26, 2012


I am sure some of you who are a part of my Facebook see that I post pictures f flowers a lot. The reason for this is well when I was a little girl my dad the sweetest man in the world taught me a lot about  plants and flowers.  He would make me go to our garden with him and always cut fresh flowers that he grew for my mom.  Me being a little punk would always whine  and moan about having to go pic flowers and I asked him why do we do this every day he said I promised your mother to always have fresh flowers on the table and  he defiantly kept that promise .. If I was not a chef I would defiantly be a florist. It must be so nice to touch ,smell and be around mother natures finest gifts and have the power to put an instant smile on someones face  what a cool job.

  • Posted on September 26, 2012

Creative Minds

Lately I have had trouble sleeping at night or any time for that matter.. I feel like a writer and I say this because as a chef there are days I can’t think of anything different to cook . I always make foods that I love to cook or that comfort me somehow which is not always good .  We need to step out of our wheelhouse and go crazy with the abundance of food and seasons that we have. This is why I feel like a writer the other night I was trying to sleep and my mind was flooded with new menu Items for the Pearl or how I want to change the menu and it would not stop racing I could not control it. I then realized that this must happen to creative minds I also realized to keep pen and paper next to my bed because I could not remember anything except ox tail and halibut with lamb jus. There really is no point to this story except I am citing in an airport waiting for my flight and thought I would share my random thought. Wish me luck on my way to demo #1

  • Posted on September 25, 2012

William Sonoma

Thursday for my demonstration I am going to something a little different . Yes I love seafood but lets remember I am a Greek Sicilian girl who love to cook everything.  I am in new england  and people up there know there seafood ! I am going to make something different. I love stuffing things in the fall season so I have decided to stuff some peppers and show people how easy and versatile stuffing vegetables can be.  Since pomegranates are in season.  I am also gonna make a bright arugula salad with a pomegranate vinaigrette  . I love stuffed peppers and a nice salad with some warm country bread with a nice honey butter. Lucky me I get to use all the wonderful gadgets and tools that William Sonoma has to offer . If you are around the Portland area join me and William Sonoma for a fun and exciting demo thursday from 2-4 at the Maine mall.

  • Posted on September 21, 2012

Gloria Gemma cancer foundation

October 6 I am honored and excited that I get to be a part of flames of hope water fire in Providence ,RI. I love Providence the city is beautiful with a ton of charm,and the water fires are amazing. THe providence river has a ton of fire pits and gondola rides,Italian opera so loud you think you are in italy. THis night is extra special for many reasons. Bringing so many people together to beat this damn disease and all of he story’s of hope and drive in the women that have had to deal with these issues is inspiring to say the least. I am honored to be doing two demonstrations.  And to be a part of this event to bring awareness to this organization. It’s the best thing food network star could have done for me ,is to alow me to help people and be active in these events . SO thank you to food network and thank you to the fans who want to hear what I have to say . Hope to see you there..

  • Posted on September 20, 2012


Fall is my favorite season for many reasons. I guess th first is that I was born on my favorite holiday thanksgiving. I’m sure some of you may have heard this before but my dad brought my mom a turkey to the hospital ,maybe that’s why I became a chef  haha . I also love  the way the leaves make everything so bright and colorful almost as if outside is some magical land. the smell of the crisp air the weather is so refreshing it me makes me feel alive. For any of you who don’t know me I like cold weather better than hot. NEw england to me has the most beautiful fall especially Vermont and New Hampshire the mountains,rivers and red covered bridges make it spectacular also makes you hungry. There is something so special to be with people you love say on a day trip having a big breakfast somewhere delicious in Vermont with big fluffy blueberry pancakes, an enormous cup of coffee and all the gold ,red,bronze colored leaves shining outside the window …I also love the hearty foods of fall. The season makes me want to roast and braise foods all the time stick to your ribs kinda food that smells up the house for the day and gives you that warm feeling inside . So as we enter this amazing time of year cook a lot, go outside and marvel at the changes , Snuggle with the one you love and your furry friends eat ,drink and be happy and don’t forget to have some fresh apple cider and at least one apple cider doughnut.. enjoy this season..

  • Posted on September 18, 2012

Press conference

Wednesday I will be traveling back to Portland Maine to do a press conference for harvest on the harbor,a great Portland food festival. I am honored to have been asked to host a new cooking competition  called  Cutting Edge a student culinary competition..While I am there I also was asked to do a cooking demonstration at William Sonoma for a program called Strive which helps disabled kids and adults how to cook healthy and easily.. What a great way to also show kids how to cook Fish so easy and healthy .. This will be my first in store demo so any one in the Portland area stop by and check it out.